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There are 60+ family-created foundations and funds who proudly invested in the DIPG DMG Research Funding Alliance (DDRFA) as founding members. DDRFA is formed to focus singularly on advances for the deadliest childhood cancer: DIPG DMG. Together, we commit to funding innovative research, providing access to trials, and integrating and utilizing data for DIPG DMG. While members may fund research outside this targeted alliance, the work of DDRFA seeks to place strategic investments when and where necessary to bring advances in treatment, eradication, diagnosis, and prevention of DIPG DMG. DDRFA’s Medical Advisory Council (MAC) guides our investments and challenges grantees by incentivizing patient-centered collaboration and sharing of information to speed the pace of discovery. DDRFA is powered by groups of passionate people who know all too well that lives depend on us. We know DIPG DMG won’t wait. Donate today to bring us closer to saving the lives of children diagnosed with DIPG/DMG. If you would like to help, please contact us to become a DDRFA member or donate as you can! Donate here: DIPG – DMG Research Funding Alliance – Arms Wide Open Childhood Cancer Foundation #DDRFA #becauselivesdependonit #FundDMGTogether #DDRFAPoweredbyfamilies #DIPGWontWait #Goldstrong #CancelChildhoodCancer

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