The DIPG DMG Research Funding Alliance (DDRFA) Announces Its First Grant Recipients totaling $700,000

DDRFA is powered by families who know first hand lives are depending on them. The over 60 foundation members of DDRFA raise scarce funds needed to research arguably the most deadly childhood cancer killing over 400 children in the US annually.  We are driven by hope that the next child’s story need not end the same.  DDRFA is driven funding basic and translational research, clinical trials and expanded access, and data discoveries.  We collaborate to fuel discoveries in DIPG and DMG as quickly as possible.

DDRFA’s Fall 2023 grant recipients and their respective projects are as follows:

  1. Dr. Erin Gibson and Dr. Laura Prolo, Stanford University: Targeting Circadian Regulation of Epithelial – Mesenchymal Transition and Tumor Invasiveness in Pediatric Gliomas.
  2. Dr. Adam Green, Children’s Hospital of Colorado: Adding Bortzomib through Focused Ultrasound to Selinexor and Radiation in Lab Models to Determine Whether There is a Positive Response Against DIPG.
  3. Dr. Anahita Kazerooni, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia: Prediction of Tumor Progression in Patients with DIPG DMG Using Volumetric Measurements Obtained Via Automatic Deep Learning Brain Tumor Segmentation.
  4. Dr. Stuart Marcus, Sonalasense: Phase 1 / 2 of Sonodynamic Therapy using SONALA-001 and Exablate 400 Type 2 in Patients with DIPG.
  5. Dr. Carl Koschmann, University of Michigan: Mioncoseq Sequencing of Patients for the DIPG DMG National Brain Tumor Board. 
  6. Dr. Capucine Van Rechem, Stanford University: Characterizing the Roles of the H3.1K27M and H3.3K27M Mutations to Reveal New Treatments and to Expand the Frontier of Personalized Treatment.
  7. Dr. John Prensner, University of Michigan: Deciphering aberrant RNA translation in DIPG, the purchase of the ultra centrifuge.

DDRFA congratulates the successful recipients and looks forward to the results of these grant projects as we work together to end the ravages of DIPG DMG as we know it.  

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