DDRFA announces Round III Grant Funding Application Deadline as September 25

The current Round III grant application is open and DDRFA is eagerly awaiting the opportunity to invest in groundbreaking basic and translational research, clinical trials, and data collection, analysis and use.  We’re looking for new ideas aimed at learning more about DIPG and DMG, new methods to potentially treat the tumor or combat side effects to extend life or quality of life.  We know DIPG Won’t Wait, and we won’t either.  To be eligible, the majority of grant activity must take place in the United States.  DDRFA will accept grant applications until midnight PT on September 25.  Thereafter, DDRFA’s Medical Advisory Council will review the applications, present the scoring to the DDRFA members, who will each have the opportunity to fund any and all applications made. Grant Announcements are expected to be made in late November.  Please review the application and contact DDRFA at info.ddrfa@gmail.com should you have further questions.

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