DDRFA completes first year investing $1.6 Million in 13 grants and the DIPG DMG National Brain Tumor Board

DDRFA concludes its first year with a remarkable achievement of having directed $1.6 million towards groundbreaking research, data initiatives, clinical trial expansion and the creation of the ONLY DIPG DMG National Brain Tumor Board.  Only through the generous support and commitment of 50+ foundations to collaborate are we to fuel discoveries in hopes of leading to curative treatment for DIPG and DMG as quickly as possible.

DDRFA’s Spring 2023 grant recipients and their respective projects are as follows:

  1. Carl Koschmann, MD, University of Michigan: CLIA certified assays for plasma based disease response monitoring in histone mutant DIPG DMG.
  2. Javad Nazarian, PhD and Sean Mizoguchi, PhD, Children’s National Hospital: In Vivo Studies to Transform DIPG DMG Research & Care through rapid validation of effective combinatorial therapies.
  3. Tim Stuhlmiller, PhD, xCures and Santosh Kesari, MD, PhD, Pacific Neuroscience Institute – A patient centric platform approach for DIPG DMG natural history and efficient clinical data exchange.
  4. John Ligand, MD, University of Florida, Impact of RNA nanoparticle vaccine on immune response to DIPG DMG.
  5. Javad Nazarian, PhD, Children’s National Hospital and Aaron Diaz, PhD, UCSF – Mapping DMG response and resistance to therapy.

Through the collaboration and generous contributions of our foundation partners, and their donors, we are paving the way for remarkable breakthroughs in an effort to change the path for the next lives affected by DIPG DMG.  With each grant, we fuel hope for a future without this tumor’s ravages.

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